Getting or finding the inspiration.

IMG_20140913_161608Lately I’ve spend a lot of time, taking pictures of things, there can be an inspiration for my drawing. It is, almost, turned into a kind of obsession. But, in a way, where if I see something, that I think would be great in a drawing, or, can inspire me, I ‘have to’, snap a picture.! 😉
IMG_20140903_205402 & it is all sort of different things. Nature things, flowers, a beautiful sunrise or sunset, or, architecture or arts on buildings, like on the piture too the left.
Its taken on the streets of Prague. They have the most beautiful & awesome architecture.!
It was, a BIG inspiration, walking the streets there. Looking up, down, rigth, left. It was EVERY WHERE.!!! &, I would rather, take a couple of pictures too manythan regreting it later.! 😉
Better being safe, than sorry 😉

But it don’t stops there.! I’ve got an idea. I’ve got a lot of my ‘inspiration-pictures’, printed, & I’m in the process of making a kinda, scrapbook, where I just have too upen it, too find some inspiration 🙂
I’m a VERY visual person, &, I have too SEE it, too remember.! Soo I thought, it would be so much easier doing it lake that. Some pictures I been taking, I would put on my wall. Partly as art, & partly, as another sort of inspiration. But it takes a lot of time. Wich I don’t have at the time.
I’ve been pretty busy lately. For example, I’m visting my grandparents, rigth now. I’m helping them setting up, some of their electronic devices. Because we live in different parts of the country, I’m staying for some days. But I like it here. & the nature is fabulous & amazing, I see it as a opportunity too. I haven’t got the time, just yet, too come probaly out yet. But I hope too soon. The falls colours is SO BEATIFUL. & it would be great, having some pictures of the seasons changing. I’ve got pictures from the spring, summer & now, early fall. It would be great also visting in the winter
time. Getting some pictures of that. With snow. But last winter there almost wasn’t any snow.IMG_0116



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