My Nature Wonders Adventures

20130525_171224_1_bestshotI really love the nature surrounding my home. There are a lot of great places to go. & to reload! I’m not a person, there is all that good at sitting still. So my way to meditate, is, to go out into the nature. & just, listen & feel it!
IMG_20130526_190220& luckly, I have the nature, almost in my backyard. The lake is nearby. & every summer, I go down there, for a swin. Because of the VERY long & cold winter. I haven’t swimed yet. But I WILL! Maybe today! 😉
One of the places I love to come & reload, is, on The Protected Fields, not far from my home. It’s protected, to keep the nature & the wildlife intact. & I totally LOVE, to go out there & sit, &, just BREATHE!
Listing to the sound of the nature, the birds & the suroundings!
Sometimes, when I think about, that I can’t live in that apartment, forever, I get, SO scared, that I, quckly, dicard the thouhgt! I can’t imagine, to live, ANYWHERE, else. & if I should. It would be great, to live in New York. It’s the ONLY big city, I could see my self, live in! Cause, in NYC, there is a lot of ‘nature’. There are a lot of public parks, &, at the same time, u can get, EVERYTHING. & I love the americans. They where SO KIND!!! & so sweet to help, if u where a bit lost!
I’ve got a dream of, coming back to NYC & live there for a while. So I can take a lot of pictures & show the world how great that city is! & how amazing, people are!!! & I made my self a promiss, that I, HAD TOO, come back & see the Freedom Tower. While I was there, they where still in the process of building it. & I wanted to see this remarable & beautiful building.



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