The love of New York City


I’ve been avoiding making a scrapbook with pictures from my New York trip.
Partly because of I was afraid, that I would miss the city, to much. & partly, it reminded me of a person I miss a lot. & at the same time, it reminds me of the person I once where. But isn’t anymore.


If I could, I would go back right this second.!!!
I fell in love with the big & beautiful city right away. It was a lot more than I expected in a totally good way. I got sweeped a way. It was breathtaking. Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of coming to the Big Apple. & see the big & beautiful Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center.
So I was amazed, when my workplace chose me to be one of the people going to NYC.


Ever since I came home, I’ve been dreaming of going back. Its like, there is so many things I didn’t get around to see. I have to go back.!!!
I feel like a part of me is missing. If I could, I wouldn’t mind living there for a while. Inviting my nephew over & show him the city.
Once when I told him a story from when I was there, he said ‘auntie, when are we going there’ 😉


& I want to try being in NYC in another part of the yr than Christmas. I would love to see Central Park in the spring time & summer.
The Christmas time in NYC is magical. I can only imagine how magical it would be, too see the city in spring time, when every tree & flower is on the verge of blooming.! 🙂


My NYC trip


Still hard finding the…?


I still having a hard time, finding my place in all this Christmas stuff. I still feeling pretty lonely. I feel worse about the Christmas this yr compared too last yr. I was in New York, &, when I came home, I had a boyfriend waiting for me at home. This yr, I’m single. I’ve been, single around Christmas before, but this yr, it is hard NOT comparing too how different it is, this yr.! I’m single yet again. & because last Christmas was so unbeliveable great. This yr, feels soo low 😦
IMG_20121212_001115One of the things holding me up, is, my sister & little nephew & niece. & then I have a really good friend & neighbour, who, is really good talking too. She helped me a lot, by just being her. & it is pretty great she is living so nearby. So isn’t it all that far, if I having a bad day 😉
Also because, I’m, not good at going out, when I’m feeling low. I keep mostly too my self then. & then its hard getting out into the world again, after several days of self picked isolation.
& its funny, I find it easy too talk with people I meet. But having a hard time letting people in. Some people, as my neighbour for example walks right into my heart. But we have also known eachother, fo many, many yrs. It is almost as if we grow up together, eventhough, we both where grown wgen she also got an apartment here. Before she moved here too, we met a couple of times through people we both know. Time go by soo fast. & sometimes too fast.!!! 😉

Getting tired of….?

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