The New York Feeling

There are a lot of things to love or hate bout New York.
Boat for most part, u love the big apple city 😉
What’s not to love?

At start, u feel overwhelmed. When u come from a small contry, everything here seems so big. As if the buildings, streets & the traffic is going on for eternity.
All the lights, all day, all night, 24 hour’s at day. Feels like u are on a new planet. In a all new galaxy.

But it don’t take long to blend in. Not for me!
I’ve ALWAYS been good at blending into the environment I’m in. Good at reading people & situations.
& the language isn’t a barrier for. I’m half Australian. So I’ve got English in from I was born.

I really like how polite people are here. Sweet at helping, smiling & when u go into a store, how they ask u if u had a good day. Even people I talked to at the work training, whom I only known for a couple of days, are so sweet & helpful.

The land of good welcomes must be here!