A reminder


I was in the commitee, there was planning this seminar how to reach young people there was vulnerable, in one way or another. The seminar was out by the sea & it started a lot of GOOD memories!


I always loved this part of Denmark highly. It’s so beautiful & so special. & I have so many GOOD memories from here.
While I was on the seminar, I got this totally great feeling of calm & serenity. My favorite element, has ALWAYS been the ocean. As dangerous it can be, so mindfull it is at the same time!
I’ve always lived nearby water. In the town I live in now, are there TWO lakes. & I live really close to one of them. Every day, every summer, I’m swimming in the lake. Or just sitting on the shore, listing to the nature surrounding me! 🙂
In water u are NEVER something else but ur self. The water is so grateful. U can hide, &, at the same time get a lot of healing! 🙂
I’ve got a really bad back. & I don’t have a lot of money. But money or not. I prefer, to swim in the lake. I’m a totally big nature person. & my dad always thaugth me to RESPECT the nature& LISTEN to the stories the nature had to tell!!! He always said “If u treat the nature with respect, the nature will respect u! If u treat the nature in a bad manor, it will know!!! & it will haunt u!!!”. I was never scared when he said that. Cause I knew what he meant & understood it!!! & his love & respect for the nature rubbed of on me! He thaught me a lot on how to, co-excist whit the nature, NEVER to leave ur garbage in the nature & how to ‘survive’ in the nature. He thaught me ALL the importen stuff!!!



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