A good trip down memory lane!


Lately I’ve been feeling this big urge to revisit some of the places I went as a child. Places where I’ve been happy, places with good memories!
I’ve been struggling with some inner demons. & I don’t know if this urge to visit place’s where I’ve been happy have something to do with that. It probably have! 😉

Right now I’m visiting my Grannie. & I have A LOT of good childhood memories from my times spend here! My siblings & me, ALWAYS came on summer vacation here! Back then, my grandparents, had a house by the sea. Where we stay all summer!  😀 ♥

I loved it so! & it was the best place EVER, to spend the summer!


Some of mt best childhood memories, are, from the summers in that house! 🙂

But all my memories with my grandparents, are, good memories! When I was here, there where always a lot of structure, in a GOOD way. Dinner at the same time EVERY EVENING & so on. It wasn’t as kaotic as it was at home.
I’ve always had a great relationship with both my grandparents. & I’m so grateful for having them both still!!! But they are getting older. So I try to spend as much time here as I can. So I don’t regret it later!!!


My Grannies Thoughts


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