One of my favorite places!

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One of my favorite places, is The Botanical Garden in Copenhagen. It’s this totally quiet place, in the middle of the city. Where u can find a bit of the world’s beauty There are, flowers, tree’s & plants from all … Læs resten

More afterthought & mindfulness!

The nature is where I find myself & find peace! 🙂 So love hiking, climbing & testing my limitations. When I’m hiking & taking pictures, it feels like all the bad energies flow right out of me. & the only … Læs resten

Listen to….!?!

20130328_140802(0)Offen I find it, hard to find my inner voice, find my limits & listen to, WHAT, my body tells me. I want to do every thing at once. Want to be ABLE, want to be wanted. But offen I don’t. So I hide behind my ‘camera’. Cause the only camera I have, is the camera in my smartphone. I’ve been trying to save some money, so I can buy a prober camera, but it will take some time! Some day I get there. But offen I wish, that I could get it RIGHT here, RIGHT NOW. I feel, I could do soo much better. A lot of my friends are encouraging me to ‘go pro’ & get on some websites for pro’s. But I feel like the underdog, when the only camera I’ve have is a camera on a phone! Then I get mad, &, that it’s unfair, that I can’t afford a prober camera! Then I wanna scream & shout! Telling everyone that I deserv a camera. But for the most part I must work with what I got until I’ve got the money! Sometimes. It seems hopeless. That I’ve NEVER getting the money. Cause eventhough, I’ve got a job, it’s hard making ends meat  sometimes. But I’m a figther & I woulden have come this far for nothing!



Some pictures from my birthday yesterday!

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It was my birthday yesterday & it was the most beautiful weather EVER! 🙂 Translated it says ‘Just for Today’ 🙂 Enjoying the sunshine while waiting for the bus 🙂 Some colorful street art on the train 😀 The red … Læs resten